Code To Jin Yong-CPY

Code: To Jin Yong is awuxia game developed by the Tencent-owned Lightspeed Studios that shows the power of Unreal Engine 5. Based on a series of novels by Chinese novelist Jin Yong, the game will explore the iconic characters and

Midnight Fight Express-CPY

Tangle with waves of foes with the finesse of an action-movie master. Punch, dodge, counter, and finish off enemies in fluid and visceral combat featuring mo-cap animation by motion artist and stunt performer Eric Jacobus. Custom difficulty modes allow any

R-type Final 3 Evolved-CPY

Universal Challenge – The performance-based difficulty system adjusts to each player’s individual experience, making this game accessible to new and veteran pilots alike.
The legendary shoot ’em up hit is back with an unparalleled R-Type experience! Renowned for its colorful

Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life-CPY

Fall in Love, Start a Family, and Build Precious Memories – Watch your child grow into adulthood as the years pass! Will they inherit the farm? Or will they find their calling somewhere else?
Your Story, Your Way ? With


Embark on an adventure as you try to escape the flooded region between the War Zone and Alphaville to safety. Along the way, the story will unfold through new allies you meet and the environment you explore.
Highwater Pirate Radio

Silent Hill f-CPY

Silent Hill f is asurvival horror video game developed by NeoBards Entertainment and published by Konami. Silent Hill f is the ninth mainline game in the Silent Hill franchise and the first mainline title in the franchise in over a

Burning Lands-CPY

Matches occur on large scale maps of varying sizes, featuring a wide variety of vehicle types that allow players to traverse land, water, and air. Land vehicles include the M151 Jeep, M35 Truck, ZIS150 Truck, light and heavy armor like

Shadow of Conspiracy Section 2-CPY

A true next-generation experience thanks to the early adoption of Unreal Engine 5. Implementation of Metahuman allows for photorealistic characters. Inspirations for this brand-new intellectual property can be found in movies like Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell (1995),


The other distinguished element in ExoMecha is an independent, AI-controlled dragon; it is basically everyone’s enemy. In the middle of every match, our dragon will come to a random area and will start throwing its flames. Its presence will represent

Honor of Kings World-CPY

Honor of Kings is a multiplayer online battle arena developed by TiMi Studio Group and published by Tencent Games it has become one of the most relevant MOBA games in mainland China.
Honor of Kings: World is a new open-world