The Lost Wild-CPY

Stealth, elude and hide from dinosaurs that hunt you down. Create distractions and locate structures to gain an advantage. Use the items you have collected to give yourself more options in each encounter. Outmanoeuvre, run, lure, distract, and if all

Deliver Us Mars-CPY

For players who enjoyed Deliver Us The Moon, they’ll get a kick out of how the story picks up threads and characters from the original game (we welcome any and all fan theories until we can say more…). For totally

System Shock 3-CPY

The first concept of System Shock 3 began some fifteen years ago, after the original IP owners, EA, renewed the System Shock trademark, and EA Redwood Shores began development on the project. Eventually it would be shelved as they developed

Pac-Man Museum +-CPY

Make your unique layout with the items you collect! Select wallpapers, place arcade machines, choose background music, add decorations, and display figures in your very own customized virtual arcade!
Like the previous collection, Pac-Man Museum + features fourteen games from

Path of Exile 2-CPY

The new, seven-act campaign is set 20 years after the death of Kitava, and will be available alongside the PoE campaign – both storylines conclude into the same endgame content. PoE 2 will include all the expansion content that’s come

Dragon Quest X Offline-CPY

In Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes Offline, you can build and strengthen equipment with the Fun-Size Forge and Accessory Synthesis. Build strong equipment to gain the upper hand on your adventure.
An entertainment professional who loves to

One Piece Odyssey-CPY

Separated from their friends, and with the Thousand Sunny sinking into the depths… Luffy and the others must embark on a new adventure to escape from this storm-buffeted island!
Join this brand-new RPG featuring new character and monster designs produced

F1 22-CPY

Get the ultimate immersive F1® experience with virtual reality compatibility on PC that lets you feel the drama of the race from right inside the cockpit.
Enter the new era of Formula 1® in EA SPORTS™ F1® 22, the official

The Wolf Among Us 2-CPY

The Wolf Among Us 2 picks up six months after the events of season one. It’s winter in New York City and a new case threatens to cross the line between Fabletown and the NYPD. How you choose to approach

Star Trek Resurgence-CPY

Resurgence takes place in 2380, immediately after the events of the Next Generation films. Martin says that specific time period was the perfect fit for telling a new original story. After that point, the Trek canon starts to get real