Ark 2-CPY

There are a lot of different dinosaurs in Ark 2, but also other prehistoric or otherwise extinct creatures, which you can not only make into your own large zoo if you so wish, but also ride and breed.

SCP Pandemic-CPY

Upon a devastating discovery of an entity that has Infected the human psyche, the SCP Foundation assumes a new directive that leaves their efforts of protection of normalcy and humanity completely renounced — the extermination of the human race.

Dragon Ball The Breakers-CPY

The game is an asymmetrical action game wherein players takes on the role of the ‘Raider’ who hunts down the rest of players and powers up as they do so, and ‘Survivors’ who need to maneuver around the environment and

The Callisto Protocol-CPY

In one of the more eyebrow-raising bits of Callisto Protocol news, Striking Distance CEO Glen Schofield has confirmed that Callisto Protocol occupies the same fictional universe as PUBG. The reason behind this? Callisto Protocol is published by the company behind

Alan Wake 2-CPY

If Alan Wake 2 is leaning more into the horror aspect of things, then it will absolutely benefit from a more mature rating. The monsters seen in Control’s AWE DLC seem like they might be making appearances in Alan Wake

Coral Island-CPY

Traverse Forgotten Caverns Go deep into the caverns to mine precious gemstones — use the loot to upgrade your tools and farm. But beware, monsters protect rare finds so bring a weapon or two!
Build Your Dream Farm Transform your

ARC Raiders-CPY

As a Raider, you know that defeating ARC requires more than simply pointing and shooting a gun, and more than one person trying to be a hero. When ARC is around, lone wolves never make it very far.
Scavenge the


Influence Level (IL) are presented in PIONER as a reflection of player progression. Influence Level does not affect the character stats and does not improve character combat abilities. Instead , IL provides access to new weapon suppliers, quest givers and

Dark Envoy-CPY

Dark Envoy merges together a rich, non-linear story and tactical, party-based combat with dynamic gameplay flow and high-quality visuals and effects. Further, it blends modern concepts with classic genre tropes, creating a distinct and unique RPG gaming experience.
Jäan has

I.G.I. Origins-CPY

Go deep into the origins of the Institute for Global Intelligence, re-imagining a pioneer of the tactical first-person shooter genre, the prequel to 2000’s Project I.G.I.
The year is 1980. You play code name “Regent” an agent in the service