Warhammer 40000 Chaos Gate Daemonhunters-CPY

The Grey Knights are a mysterious Space Marine chapter; while games like Space Marine focus on the Ultramarines, who take the front lines, the Grey Knights are more about the mystical and faith-based sides of the Imperium. In battling back

Pharaoh A New Era-CPY

Ensure your city is prosperous enough to deal with economic or political crises, or even plundering by enemies. A Pharaoh takes care of its people and does whatever it can to earn the favour of the gods.
Rediscover the classic

Dark Moonlight-CPY

You wake up in another world, nothing is right … You must fight to survive and forget about your fears and your mental health. Your inventory is limited, will you survive without proper amount of ammo or first aid?

Two Point Campus-CPY

Lay down pathways with new easy-to-use tools. Plant glorious collections of outdoor flora. Place benches, fountains, sculptures, hedgerows – even picket fences. The only limit is your imagination (and your in-game bank balance).
If a student enjoys their nightlife too

Animal Shelter-CPY

The ultimate purpose of your initiative and the most rewarding conclusion to all of its efforts – when an animal makes its way to a brand new, loving home. Look after your rescues and ensure they are adopted by your

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin-CPY

Though Team Ninja’s expertise makes for nail-biting combat encounters, spells can be used in and out of combat. Harness the power of the elements to clear obstacles and open new paths, hack through your environment to uncover new items and


Frey is a directionless, gritty yet street smart young woman who has persevered despite her rough upbringing in New York City. And her life hasn’t really gotten any easier now that she’s about to turn 21. Things take a turn

Frostpunk 2-CPY

Frostpunk 2 builds on the conflicts of its predecessor – survival vs human values, life vs the arctic frost. But most importantly, it adds a new layer that is present in many aspects of the game – be it politics,

Phantom Breaker Omnia-CPY

The Complete Experience! Players can immerse themselves with the stories from both the original Phantom Breaker and Phantom Breaker: Extra.
Includes all the characters and guest characters from Phantom Breaker: Extra like Kurisu Makise from Steins;Gate and two brand new

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk-CPY

In the game you can choose a character from your crew and explore the three-dimensional streets freely. The goal is to bomb and get your name up. Every neighbourhood has many spots to find where you can paint graffiti. Once