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Earth didn’t stand a chance. Our story begins hundreds of years in the future, after alien invaders hellbent on claiming this planet as their own poured out of the Stormgates and brought an end to the world as we knew

The Legend of Heroes Trails to Azure-CPY

Following the events of Trails from Zero, the Special Support Section find themselves with new members and new duties. However, rising tensions in Crossbell along with pressure from two neighboring political powers threaten both the safety of their home, as

Dungeons 4-CPY

Build a cozy and comfortable Dungeon to suit your creatures’ needs and rule over them, then send them out into the Overworld to kindly remind the good people living there that the Absolute Evil rules over their lands.
The Dwarves


Quit work for the day and go fishing instead! Decorate your home or buy and customise a new one. Discover the stories of the people you meet in the city, your friends, your customers, and maybe even find love.

Etheria Restart-CPY

Etheria: Restart is a turn-based Action-RPG game set in a neo-contemporary virtual city developed by XD Entertainment Pte. Ltd.. While encompassing Etheria, the virtual city, you, a Hyper-Linker, will fight side by side with Animus against virus invasions and explore

Miasma Chronicles-CPY

Meet Elvis, a young man brought to the mining town of Sedentary as a baby. Left by his mother in the care of a robotic older ‘brother’ and given a mysterious glove with which he can control the Miasma.

Flintlock The Siege of Dawn-CPY

Gods and guns collide in the open-world action-RPG Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn. Embrace vengeance, gunpowder and magic and embark on an epic journey to lead mankind’s final siege against the tide of the dead.
Join humanity’s last stand as

Among the Trolls-CPY

Gain Sisu (Grit), Väki (Magic) and Lykky (Luck), which are key to survival among the trolls. Learn how these ancient traits affect and intertwine with other character attributes and with the surrounding environment, the player’s actions, natural resources, and natural

Heavy Duty Challenge-CPY

Drive a wide selection of huge, powerful, real licensed trucks, recreated in detail with unique cabins and authentic mechanics and physics. All trucks are based on vehicles from the legendary Europa Truck Trial championships.
Prove your truck driving skills in

The Last Case of Benedict Fox-CPY

Descend into a limbo of decaying memories as Benedict Fox, a self-proclaimed detective bound to his demon companion. Use that unholy bond to explore the minds of the recently deceased in search of clues as you uncover the mysteries of